Street Walking: Do the Opposite of Everyone Else

Seems like everywhere you turn these days, there is a new energy drink popping up. It started with Red Bull, and now has evolved in a multi-billion dollar industry.

So how do you join an already crowded market?

You don’t. You come out with something that’s a complete opposite and create a new market.

Who couldn’t use a little less stress? Sometimes, it’s good to be the contrarian in a crowded market.

Like all of our other marketing examples, make sure you bookmark this for future reference and inspiration.

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Street Walking is a weekly series that includes a photo showing poor marketing, exceptional marketing or something in between. If you have a marketing example you saw on the street that you’d like us to include in a future post, you can submit your photo here.

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  1. Zan

    Thanks for the ‘spark’ leading to some new thoughts and ideas for marketing and positioning. We face similar challenges in a very different industry, and breaking through all the noise in the market requires creativity and new approaches.

    • Hi Zan, I love how you are adapting this idea to a different industry. A lot of entrepreneurs have trouble doing that. They keep looking in their industry and keep trying the same thing as everyone else.

  2. EXCELLENT Points & GREAT Example! – This is a perfect illustration on how to develop & market a product into an already over-crowded landscape.

    Too many people build around “what is” and not “what could be”-Going in the “opposite” direction provides a means to engage an audience with a unique message while completely deflecting competition- Price Points become higher and UVP is truly distinguishable.

    • Thanks for your comment Bill…when can we expect your guest post on this topic? Just kidding; your comments are always appreciated and we sincerely appreciate your participation and support.

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