10 Feel-Good Things to Do Right Now in Your Business

I love this post by Jason: Stop Making Excuses and Just Do Something. It’s powerful. It’s motivating. I don’t know about you, but it made me want to ACT.

So I thought I’d add a few ideas of my own, with a community and human touch — something that I find is often lacking in business.

Here are a few quick, simple, and easy things you can do right now in your business that will help you build momentum, make you feel good about yourself, make someone else feel important, and motivate you to move forward in a positive way.

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  • Send a personal, hand-written thank you note to an important client or colleague.
  • Invite your Facebook fans to promote their own businesses on your Facebook page.
  • Think about how your business truly helps the greater good.
  • Retweet and add a personal comment on a link shared by someone else.
  • Start a search for a meaningful volunteer opportunity in your community.
  • Promote a colleague (or even a competitor!) without being asked and without an “incentive.”
  • Shut down all technology for an hour or two and refocus yourself.
  • Return the call/email/request of an up-and-comer who reached out for your advice, and give them 15 minutes of your time — free.
  • Post a comment on this blog and share your own ideas with other readers.
  • [/list]

    And, of course, I’d be missing a biggie if I didn’t recommend that you join the Small Business Bonfire community. It is, after all, about sharing, connecting, collaborating and helping each other. If you’re already a free member, upgrade your account now to lock in our very low member rates (first increase is happening on Monday)!

    Now, leave your own feel-good business action idea below, and let’s expand this list.

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    1. Focus on the activities you loved when you entered your business. For me it is the creative side, writing blogs, creating marketing materials, establishing relationships with potential collaborators.

    2. Great advise, I utilize a few of them myself, but I am always grateful to all who I work with that I will have to add a few of them to my newly stock arsenal of niceties.

    3. Always be grateful and say thank you when someone takes the time to do something nice for you, however small. This should go without saying, but many times the little tokens of kindness are overlooked.

      Great post, Alyssa!

    4. I 100% agree with you guys! We still send hand written thank you’s to anyone and everyone who helps us out and we got a lot of positive feedback about it!

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