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Do you have a marketing calendar that you use in your business? If not, you may want to consider one. Not only can a marketing calendar help you plan marketing activities that work well together and build upon each other, but it can also help you tie holidays into your marketing to make it extra fun.

In our last issue of our newsletter, The Spark, we gave readers a 36-page marketing calendar and planner they could use this year. The calendar includes all of the holidays you already know and love, as well as some more obscure, but also fun, holidays that you can use in your marketing campaigns. Plus, a place for you to jot down your marketing ideas.

You can download your own copy of The Spark by joining the Small Business Bonfire community (it’s free), and you can download a free copy of the marketing calendar below.

Click to download:
Small Business Bonfire’s 2012 Holiday Marketing Calendar and Planner (PDF)

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  1. Wow, I had no idea there were so many holidays! National Tug-of-War Day…if only that actually involved a Hands Across America-esque tug-of-war contest! That would be one huge and heavy rope…

  2. Larry, that would be one heck of a tug-of-war!

    There are a ton of holidays out there. Entire industries rely on reasons to celebrate so why not take advantage of that yourself? And, if there isn’t a holiday on a particular day, just make one up.

  3. Our advertising agency do a special calendar with all religious hollidays every year. It’s called “Højtidskalenderen 2012”. In case your Danish is good :-) please feel free to read all about the project here:

    Or download your free copy of this years calender here:

    Kind regards
    Søren Baron Rom
    BARON & COMPANY reklamebureau

    The calendar will very soon be ready as an App for Iphone aswell android phones.

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