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4 Places to Get Professional-Quality Images for Your Content

By Susan Guillory

We’re a visual bunch, aren’t we? We prefer our blog posts and social media posts with a little image eye candy. In fact, people are 80% more likely to read your content if you’ve got an image with it.

Not a graphic designer? No worries. You can still get great images for content (and even custom make some of them!) with these small business resources.

1. Canva

If the idea of designing your own graphics freaks you out (it did me), you’ll love Canva because it’s really easy to use, even if you’re a design-phobe.

You simply select a layout (there are both free and $1 ones), modify the text, and add any additional elements you want. Bam. Instant awesome. This one took me less than five minutes to design:

Cost: Canva is free to use, though some elements, as mentioned, cost $1.

2. PhotoSpin

I’ve used both Creative Commons (free photos) and subscription stock photos, and hands down, stock photos tend to be of higher quality. But often, the sites charge $1,000 or more a year…or even month!

For small business needs, I love PhotoSpin. Search for any term and get hundreds of high-quality images you can use on your blog, website, social media, email…whatever you like.

Cost: Subscriptions start at $429 a year for 500 downloads a month or you can download single images starting at $2 each.


Infographics provide a great change of pace from the usual written content on your blog, and can attract readers who prefer to consume content visually. If you want to commit to making them regularly (just because this service is subscription-based; there are others that are free or one-time priced), is worth checking out.

Again, this tool is made for the non-designer. You choose a template, add charts, maps, or other data, then make it pretty. It’s easy to share on social media, your blog, or anywhere you like.

Cost: Plans start at $19 a month, and you can save up to 24% if you pay for an annual subscription.

4. Make a Meme

I’m surprised there aren’t any slicker meme generators, but this one’s simple enough. With Make a Meme, you choose from the image library or upload your own image, then modify the text that goes on top of the image.

Cost: It’s free!

There are tons more tools to make or use images for your marketing. What tools do you like to use?

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Susan Guillory
Susan Guillory is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, a marketing firm specializing in content writing and social media management. She's written three business books, including How to Get More Customers With Press Releases, and frequently blogs about small business and marketing on sites including Forbes, AllBusiness, The Marketing Eggspert Blog, and Tweak Your Biz. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

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