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As a savvy small business owner you probably already know how important having a blog is to the health of your business.  Once you have a blog for your small business, you have to do some work to get it seen online, Jason shared some tips for driving traffic to your small business blog including search optimization, deep links within your blog, guest posts and that’s just the start.  One of the main reasons businesses need to be blogging is to open up communication between themselves and the customer, but sometimes it can be hard to get customers engaging in your content.

Engagement isn’t a one way street, though.  One of the best tips I can give you from blogger to blogger is to read and comment on other blogs from your field, as well as in the social media field; if you own a specialty boutique, use Google’s Blog Search to find other specialty blogs to add to your social media reading and comment on.  This is a great way to gain insight into the market as well as gather inspiration for future posts of your own, properly credited of course.

Get Started

Haven’t started a business blog yet?  Before you get started with the publishing, there are a few tips you will want to follow when building your business blog.

Be a Confident Blogger

Having a hard time beating blogger’s block?  Maybe it’s time you got bossy with yourself and your blog.  In order to have a successful business blog you’ll have to be confident in your abilities as a writer, build confidence with these practical ideas from Content Mastery Guide.

Stay in the Know

As I mentioned earlier, keeping up with industry blogs is important, as well as stocking your RSS feed with marketing blogs.  This will help you keep with the latest marketing tools and tips from the professionals usually without it costing you a penny.  Unbounce has gathered 75 of the top marketing blogs for you to subscribe to in your reader.

Make Room for Improvement

No matter how long you’ve been blogging, there will always be ways for improvement; blogging is an ever evolving field with constantly changing variables, like search engine optimization.  A successful business blogger knows that occasionally we must review our blogs and look for ways to increase engagement, conversions, or improve our sites.

Blog like the Best

Every small business blogger wants to find runaway success, but few every do.  Ever wonder what you need to do to ensure your blog’s success?  It’s simple. Ok. Not really, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and research.  Social Media Examiner helps bloggers find top blogging success, or at least gives them the keys to that success, with their 5 tips to becoming an industry leading top blogger.

Being a blogger is hard work, but the rewards for a small business far outweigh the time and energy put into it.  Blogging for your business is great for search engine optimization, opening communication with customers, and conducting research.  What tips do you have for small business bloggers?

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  1. “Make Room for Improvement” is a very good point which everyone should take on board. Plus it takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Very informed post. Thanks for sharing on

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  3. These are great tips for business bloggers that are just starting out. With so many blogs and so much information out there on the internet, in general – it can be very challenging and overwhelming to get your business name/blog/products/services recognized. Thanks for the informative post!

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  5. Hi there,

    Blogging is one of those mediums that often boggle people who don’t blog. I liked the way you’ve broken this post into relevant sections. You’re super right, you need hard work and determination. Often times, you think why am I doing all this and then someone comments or calls you and make it all worthwhile.

    Blogging is a great marketing tool. Thanks for your article which I found out about initially on

    Take care,

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