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The holiday season is a busy time for most of us. And small business owners, in particular, need to be smart about time management and priorities. This list of gift ideas will hopefully help you streamline your holiday shopping so you have more time to get your most important work done…and fit in some time for celebrating.

101 Business Gift Ideas

I’ve been working on a comprehensive business gift guide over on for a few weeks now, and I am very happy to announce that it is live and ready to be browsed. It contains 101 gift ideas for clients, employees, colleagues and the hard-to-buy-for small business owner on your holiday list.

Read more on 101 Small Business Gift Ideas for Every Entrepreneur on Your List

Tech and More

Type-A Parent has a great gift guide with tech gifts, family gifts, business gifts and more (I created a few of these lists myself!). Of course not every small business owner is a parent, but there are quite a few gift ideas here that will appeal to entrepreneurs.

Read more on Type-A Parent: 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Moms and Dads

Gifts for Writers

Most small business owners are writers. Whether you freelance, write for your own blog, or even write business documents, writing is a part of being in business. That’s why I love this list by Lexi Rodrigo with 11 gift ideas for writers.

Read more on Freelance Folder: An Ideal Holiday Gift List for Freelance Writers

Gift Inspiration

This Forbes list is targeted to women in business, but the ideas listed are appropriate for anyone in business. It’s a great list to use for inspiration if you get stuck in your search.

Read more on Forbes: 10 Great Gift Ideas For Women In Business

Indie Gifts

I love what is doing with their 12 days of indie gifts list. They are announcing one great indie gift (a one-of-a-kind item made by an artisan, craftsperson or independent merchant) per day for 12 days. Here’s the first pick to get you started.

Read more on 12 Days of Indie Merchant Gifts

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  1. Great and timely information. I would like to add one suggestion – when we are selecting business gifts at holiday time, we like to filter for local merchants. Since we live and work in Austin, Texas, we like to do our part to support local businesses.

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  3. At our advertising agency we decided to give all our costumers a long-lasting shoot of vitamins!

    A few days before the Christmas Hollidays we delivered at giant basket full of various fruits to all of them. Every monday during the dull, cold and dark winther time here in Denmark, we will fill up the basket till spring time arrives next year (2012).

    Fresh fruit is a bit crazy for a Christmas gift, I admit, but the gift was extreemly well recieved by our costumers. We hope for a positive “effect” throughout the entire delivery periode – and a lot of healthy energetic costumers :-)

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