Collaboration: The Easy Way

Collaboration is unbelievably powerful in small business. In fact, I’ve made collaboration a significant part of the foundation in my own businesses, and I encourage others to do it, too (I even mentioned it last night when I received a SMB Influencer award).

To the non-collaborators among us, though, collaboration seems like it would require a tremendous amount of time, effort and energy, and it can be an intimidating process. While it’s true that some collaborative relationships can become fairly intense, there are so many other EASY ways you can collaborate right now.

Not sure what I mean? Head on over to AMEX OPEN Forum and read my newest article, 7 Easy Ways To Collaborate That Won’t Eat Up Your Free Time.

I hope you’ll be inspired to try collaboration, the easy way. If you already make collaboration a regular part of your business, I’d love to hear how you do it — share here or on the OPEN Forum post!

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Alyssa Gregory
Alyssa is a digital strategist, content marketer, freelance writer and founder of the Small Business Bonfire. She's a team player, a team builder and not a bad leader, either. You can often find her on various social networks looking for remarkable people to collaborate with.


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