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We know how it goes…You’re busy. You are, after all, a small business owner who has dedicated your life to building a successful business. So busy might as well be your middle name.

You love what you do, which is a good thing because you spend about 97% of your waking hours working on your business, thinking about your business and planning to do things that will improve your business (the other 3% is the blip of time when your mind wanders before you crash at the end of the day).

You’re a little tired, but it’s all proving to be well worth the effort; things are going well.

You’re making sales, delighting your customers and growing your bottom line. But you have a little nagging thought that keeps popping up in the back of your mind.

You KNOW that with just a few more hours in the day, and maybe access to some marketing expertise, you can truly make your business thrive. You just need the time and the knowhow to make make it happen.

You probably have a few of these things on a list you’ve rolled over for months (or years):

  • Create a really awesome and memorable brand.
  • Develop a website beyond the simple site you threw together a long time ago.
  • Start collecting contact information to build your email marketing list…and then figure out how to send an email newsletter.
  • Finally decide what social media networks are the best fit for your business, and get your social strategy (and calendar!) in place.
  • Write content for your blog on a consistent basis (have you EVER hit the one-post-per-week goal you set for yourself?).
  • Set up Google Analytics on your website so you can track SEO and performance.

If this sounds familiar, don’t feel bad. Marketing can be a tremendous time suck if you’re spinning your wheels, trying to catch up with the latest bright and shiny marketing object.

The good news is that you don’t need to recreate the wheel and figure this all out for yourself. We have more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing and will help you pinpoint the marketing tactics that will take your business to the next level.

And not only we will give you our time-tested advice, but we can also create and execute your customized marketing strategy…quickly and painlessly. Marketing doesn’t need to be something you resist, fight with or dread hearing about. It can be a turning point in your small business, and we can help.

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