16 Motivational Business Quotes

By Kyle Courtright

As a small business owner, I am fascinated by successful people. People who work hard, dream big and never quit. I want to understand the way they think and the way they work. I’ve compiled a list of some insightful and motivating quotes from some of the most successful business people.

The list includes a few from the stars of “Shark Tank,” because who doesn’t love that show?

Let’s kick off the list with a couple of quotes from one of the most successful men on earth: Bill Gates.



Mark Cuban. The man is a billionaire, but he sure seems like a down to earth guy with a ridiculous work ethic. If I could have lunch with anyone to pick their brain about business? It would be this guy.




Robert Herjavec drives fast cars, loves dogs and seems like the nicest guy in the tank. Take a look at some of his quotes:






Here’s a few more for you, I think you might just recognize the names.







I hope you gained some inspiration from these quotes.

Have a favorite quote that motivates you? Leave it in the comments below!

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Kyle Courtright
Kyle is an Albuquerque-based graphic designer, small business owner, mentor, philanthropist, and logo design geek with a genuine passion for branding small businesses and seeing them grow. He has had the opportunity to design for brands like National Parkinson Foundation, American Cancer Society and New Mexico Homeland Security. The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Logo Design and Logo Design Inspiration Generator Tool are a couple of the resources he created to help brand your small business even more effectively. He tweets and posts about practical ways to take your brand to that next level of profitability.

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