Saying No on Your Journey to Becoming an Expert

The video below is an excerpt from a 38-minute recording sent out to premium members of the Small Business Bonfire as July’s CD of the Month. The full version of this interview with Amy Robinson, founder and president of Springline Group, is entitled: “Becoming Limitless with Collaboration.”

In this clip, Amy explains how saying no is an important part of an entrepreneur’s journey to becoming an expert. Watch the clip to find out what she means, and to see how you can get a free copy of the full interview.

Our monthly interviews are packed with useful and actionable information from proven entrepreneurs like Amy. And, we don’t interview the same crowd as everyone else. While those more well-known entrepreneurs do have useful information to share, and we certainly do interview them when appropriate, our goal is to bring you tips and advice from successful entrepreneurs who are still in the trenches fighting the fight every day.

To see what we mean, watch the video, request your copy of the interview, and read below for some more information about Amy Robinson, our “in the trenches” entrepreneur for July.

About Amy Robinson

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Amy has been bringing her business education and paralegal and business banking experience to small businesses since 2001. Amy grew her successful experiences helping companies with process realignment and strategic planning and formed Springline Group in 2005 where she is a founder and the President of the company. Amy is also the co-founder of the firm’s core philosophy of Design Alignment™ maintaining that design thinking and a focus on forward movement is a powerful and effective method to approaching business solutions.

Amy has designed and facilitated a variety of group and organization sessions, workshops and conferences for organizations such as the University of Arkansas, Ozark Natural Foods and NextGen Illumination. Amy also speaks on a number of topics including entrepreneurship and women in business.

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Alyssa is a digital strategist, content marketer, freelance writer and founder of the Small Business Bonfire. She's a team player, a team builder and not a bad leader, either. You can often find her on various social networks looking for remarkable people to collaborate with.


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