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9 Social Media Management Tools to Supercharge Your Digital Marketing

By Henry Hernandez

Those working in digital marketing and social media know for a fact that having a highly effective toolkit in their arsenal is necessary to deliver results for their clients. To be successful in the industry, gaining the edge and standing out in the social market are your objectives — using social media management tools can help supercharge your social media marketing efforts for you clients.

We listed nine social media management tools that can help you in every aspect of social media management. You can switch from one account to another client’s account, use the same process across different clients, automate other tasks that cannot be done automatically through the original platform. These tools can help you be more efficient in managing your clients’ social media accounts with less effort and less time wasted.

Tools to Skyrocket Your Social Media Campaigns

These are dubbed as the most popular social media management tools in the industry. Aside from its ease of use and multi-functional features, these tools have an analytics platform for data analyses, which is very useful in gauging how effective your efforts are. Moreover, these platforms allow you to identify influencers, engage with your followers, observe different metrics that matter, and more.

1. Buffer

Buffer is highly recommended because of its beginner-friendly interface and easy-to-use publication tool. This tool is the best option if you want to give your clients some freedom in publishing their own content on their accounts. However, some managers comment on its weak analytics functionality, thus they tend to use it along with other analytics platform for data processing and analyses.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a great platform with strong points in both analytics and content publishing capabilities. There are some comments that Hootsuite’s UX is significantly less intuitive, so expect to work your way around the platform to get familiar with it.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social has earned a lot of nods as the hero of SMBs when it comes to social media management. It’s distinctive built-in social CRM feature is its main selling point —it’s easier not only for the marketing team but also for the sales department to interact with leads.

Best Tools for Content Curation

Typically, an agency handles a business’s social media account as well as the content for its campaign. Creating content that is relevant and interesting to rack up engagement may be difficult without using the best tools for the job. It is the agency’s job to create compelling content that will target the right audience, and these content curation tools can help you find the right inspiration to create or optimize your content.

4. Quuu

Perhaps the only content curation tool that has been “hand-curated,” Quuu reviews each post suggestion with their in-house team which screens every suggestion before delivering the content to your queue. You can use Quuu with Hubspot and Buffer to integrate this content curation tool into your marketing strategy.

5. Feedly

With Feedly, it’s easy to curate content via RSS. While it doesn’t have an auto-publishing function to post on your Facebook page or Twitter profile, you can integrate it via IFTTT to automate curation — this works with Buffer.

Automation Tool for Repetitive Tasks

Let’s cut the time you will spend by using automation tools that will do everything you need in managing your social media accounts. It can help you simplify the process of doing just about anything and everything with your accounts.

6. Zapier

We recommend jumping to Zapier to automate your process with solid integration with IFTTT, another automation tool. If IFTTT provides the basic if-then process, Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps. Zapier makes it possible to integrate different apps to manage and automate workflows, especially for social media. However, if you need simple day-to-day tasks like automatically retweeting an influencer or another account, or being able to take note of all the tweets released in a day, IFTTT is the way to go.


See above why IFTTT is a solid social media management tool.

Tools to Measure Data Analytics and Engagement

If you need to analyze data and how your campaign engaged your viewers, here are some standalone tools in analytics that you can use to strategize and plan your next steps for the campaign.

8. Mention

We certainly know that you don’t want to miss a thing! With Mention, you and your client will receive alerts whenever your brand is mentioned anywhere in the Internet. This is extremely useful for online reputation management. You can respond faster and manage the damage to a minimal level, especially for negative reviews.

9. Buzzsumo

Knowing what’s the buzz in the Internet could be extremely useful for your campaigns, that’s why it’s ideal to get Buzzsumo to do the work. It helps determine what content works on different platforms — making it an ideal tool to bump up your arsenal of content. Combine it with your content curation tools, and you’ll get interesting results in engagement.

There’s no perfect tool or all-in-one tool that will cover all aspects of social media management, especially that there’s no definite blueprint on what to do in social media. These tools are only here to improve your workflow and streamline your process, but the effectivity of your campaign still rests on your shoulders.

Choose the right platform that will enhance your social media efforts, and start racking up engagement with it! Share with us in the comments if we missed out any super tools that can help your social media campaign.

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Henry Hernandez
Henry is the leading strategist and partner for Texas Digital, a Dallas SEO Digital Inbound Marketing Agency. He aims to make holistic digital marketing easy for businesses to adopt and transition for maximized business growth and opportunity.


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  1. Nice list, Henry! I myself use Mention and Buffer daily and couldn’t imagine my social media life without them, and I have at least tried all of the others you mention.
    Recently I discovered Crowdfire and Drumup which help with finding great content to share and lots of other stuff, so I’d recommend you try these tools too!

  2. Tim Cormier

    Some great suggestions. I also suggest that every business consider using your own URL shortener. I use YOURLS and couldn’t be happier. It offers great analytics and makes customers feel a little safer clicking on your outbound links.

    • Henry

      Thanks for your insight, Tim! I will definitely keep YOURLS in mind; will come in handy once we launch more campaigns in the future!

  3. Great suggestions. Out of them Buffer and IFTTT are my favorites. I like others too especially BuzzSumo. These are very helpful tools for digital marketers to reduce the workload and improve the productivity.

    Thanks for the share,

    All the best.

  4. My wife uses HootSuite. She lives and dies by that thing. I swear. She loves it and she’s really good at social media. Alot better than me :)
    Thanks for sharing

    • Henry

      HootSuite is indeed a very useful tool, especially if you’re managing multiple social media accounts. You can also get better at it, I swear!

  5. Absolute Platinum collection. Very informative I must say. I am an online entrepreneur and these type of information comprises a strong potential for development of my work. I use Buffer to share my social media involvement with my audiences and already started using CoSchedule for a constructive planning for my content marketing.


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