Street Walking: Multi-Step Campaigns

If you haven’t heard, Madison Square Garden Networks (MSG) and Time Warner Cable are fighting over subscription fees. Negotiations haven’t gone anywhere and Time Warner customers have lost access to the various MSG channels.

The two companies have been battling it out over the air, on the web and through print blaming each other for viewers not being able to watch the Knicks, Rangers, Devils and Islanders.

Today, we’re going to take a look at how MSG is fighting the battle with a multi-step campaign, using different mediums to get their side of the story out. They are not relying on just radio or TV. They are also using flyers handed out on the street (see below), Twitter, a Keep MSG website and their Facebook page.


MSG Facebook Page


Flyer handed out on the street.

One thing that I could not find MSG utilizing was YouTube. Time Warner, however, has been and has a couple of videos up telling their side of the story. In my opinion, this is a huge miss by MSG. All they had to do was upload their TV commercials to YouTube and they would have been on equal footing with Time Warner.

This messy PR battle is far from over so there will be other lessons to learn before it is resolved. Take note of how the tactics change as the drama drags along, and you may find some golden nuggets for your next multi-step marketing campaign.

Newspapers/laptop image credit: Surat Lozowick

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