Super Bowl Hashtags

25+ Super Bowl Ad Hashtags to Track After the Game

By Alyssa Gregory

As a marketer, I’m guilty of often being more excited about the Super Bowl commercials than the game itself. This year was no different, and there’s been a lot to see!

The number of brands using hashtags in commercials has exploded over the past few years. According to Marketing Land, 57% of ads during the 2014 Super Bowl included hashtags. This year is even more. Using hashtags like this in TV ads allows commercials to become interactive and, in some cases, take on a life of their own through social media.

Here is a rundown of the hashtags used in ads during the Super Bowl this year. I will be following these on Twitter and Facebook over the coming weeks to see how these brands leverage social media to extend the lives of their Super Bowl ads.


Fiat, @fiatusa


Newcastle Brown Ale, @newcastle


Budweiser, @budweiser


Chevy, @chevy


Cure Insurance, @cureinsurance


Doritos, @doritos


Snickers, @snickers


Microsoft, @microsoft


Avocados From Mexico, @avosfrommexico


University of Phoenix, @uopx


GoDaddy, @godaddy


BMW, @bmw


Nationwide, @nationwide

#ItsThatEasy, @wix


T-Mobile, @tmobile


Lexus, @lexus


Always, @always


Coca-Cola, @cocacola


Toyota, @toyota


Dove Men+Care, @dovemencare


Skittles, @skittles


Esurance, @esurance


Mophie, @mophie


Mercedes-Benz, @mercedesbenz


Subway, @subway


Bud Light, @budlight


Loctite, @loctiteglue


Nissan, @nissan

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