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4 Creative Ideas for Your Next Team Building Event

By Tania Cunniffe

The average worker now spends more time with their colleagues than with their loved ones, which is why it is essential that every small business owner strives to create an environment in which their employees can thrive and be happy.

Aside from pleasant working conditions, good pay and meaningful perks, building relationships with our co-workers is vital to a blissful working life. For that reason, the best and most successful companies out there will be hosting regular, interesting and varied team building events for staff to bond over outside of the office walls.

Read on for a pick of our top four most creative team building event ideas, which will benefit both your employees and your business.

1. Escape the Room

Room escape games have seen a huge popularity surge in recent years, and it’s now almost impossible to go to a big city without finding at least one to get lost in. The premise of the room escape is as follows: a team is locked in a room for 60 minutes and has to use their brains to break the clues in order to be freed before the timer runs out.

It might seem like all fun and games, but at its heart, a room escape game is a fantastic bonding activity which perfectly combines problem solving, creativity and team work skills to tackle a series of challenges — all of which are essential qualities that your employees should possess within the workplace.

2. Hire a Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers are perfect for businesses where morale, team work or productivity may be somewhat lacking. Rather than listening to a line manager harping on about how to do better, employees are far more inclined to listen to an expert who is well-versed in giving empowering speeches on areas such as success, enthusiasm and overcoming difficult obstacles. Not only will this benefit employees personally, but it can also help ensure they take on board what they’ve learnt and apply those key points within the office too.

3. Let’s Get Physical

There’s certainly a lot of truth in the age-old saying that “healthy employees are happier employees,” which is why another awesome team building day idea is to incorporate sports or fitness into the schedule. With so many activities to choose from these days, such as zorbing, ice skating, paintballing and trampolining – the list really is endless! Likewise, if not everyone in your office is able-bodied, light games options also exist, like ping pong or crazy golf.

What all of these activities share in common is that there is a competitive element which people will love, especially if you incorporate the added bonus of a prize for the winning person/team, such as a half-day off work or vouchers to come back and partake in the activity again.

4. Give Back to the Community

Hosting a team building event which is both fun and rewarding means that employees can leave the event with an enormous sense of pride, knowing that what they’ve done has made a difference. Group activities such as charity fundraisers, beach clean-ups and the planting of trees are all great examples of positive corporate social responsibility.

More and more employees these days, and millennials in particular, are looking to work for businesses that are showing progressive steps to improve the world around them, which is why these type of work events are not only great for the community, but for your brand, too. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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Tania Cunniffe
Tania Cunniffe is the Corporate Manager at M&C Saatchi Merlin, a leading UK creative talent agency specialising in hiring event speakers, talent and hosts for corporate and private events.

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