Using Social Media? Shhhh…Listen!

By Alyssa Gregory

Social media is loud. It doesn’t matter which site you use; all social platforms have a tendency to create a lot of noise. The noise may come from conversations, information sharing, and collaboration, so it isn’t always a bad thing, but the distracting noise happens, too. And it often drowns out all the good stuff.

In order to capture that really good stuff, you need to listen. Think about it: with all of that chatter out there, a company could learn a lot just by listening to what everyone else is saying.

Listening also gives you an opportunity to learn a lot about your market, industry and niche. It can even help you get inspired and avoid social media burnout. In fact, listening is one of the most important benefits of social media.

How are your listening skills?

An article I wrote for the U.S. Bank Connect small business site shares the benefits of listening, and provides a few tips for practicing your social media listening skills. Read the article here.

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Alyssa Gregory
Alyssa is a digital strategist, content marketer, freelance writer and founder of the Small Business Bonfire. She's a team player, a team builder and not a bad leader, either. You can often find her on various social networks looking for remarkable people to collaborate with.
  1. I think the best way to listen is going to Twitter.

    However, you need to be really good at keywords.

    I really hate keywords.

    There is another way.

    You can just register for forums.

    Then, subscribe for the topic.

    Listen to the new things coming in.

    It is better than social media.


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