7 Essential Web Design Trends Every Small Business Needs to Implement

By Ntw Designs

The Internet has grown into a worldwide billion population community. Users around the globe value the Internet for its amazing accuracy. Small businesses around the world are constantly using the top methods to improve their appearance on the web. A great online presence is known to promote a business in the best way possible. Web design has a big influence when it comes to visitor actions and critiques on a web page.

Focusing on creating a visionary and impressive web presence should be a primary goal of every small business. Read below about seven of the biggest current web design trends that every small business needs to implement.

1. Minimal and Materialistic Design Use

Simplicity is the latest and most modern trend in web design. Minimal and materialistic web designs are very easy to understand and bold in terms of design. The less a website has, the easier it is for a clear message to get out. Web visitors have proven to love minimal design layouts which is why minimal web design is popular for small business websites.

Quick Design Tip: Minimal design consists of white spaces, quick details, and geometric shapes to make a website look unique from a different perspective.

2. Dynamic Rich Colors Selection

A small business must hold a very strong brand identity profile online. Web colors should reflect a business’ brand identity fully. A dynamic color scheme can instantly create a much more attractive visual web design, thus, ensure a much more positive first-time user interaction on page. Vibrant and bold colors are currently trending in web design.

Quick Color Selection Tip: Colors are known to trigger certain moods. Select colors that represent the entire persona & charm of a business. Great color selection will result to even more positive first impressions on page.

3. UI/UX/SVG Animations

Digital web animations are known to leave a lasting impression online. A small business that has a digital web animation will be viewed as much more advanced and professional online. Studies have proven that web visitors that land on pages which include digital animations are more likely to react on page and further engage with the web page. Website engagement shows in SEO rankings. Top sites like Alexa rank also categorize visitor stay time and bounce rates on page. A decreased bounce rate will lead to an increased position online. A digital animation must flow smoothly at an even speed.

Quick Animation Tip: A digital animation must play out a story which should be relatable to the profession of a small business. Digital animations must always be tested to ensure that they work and are viewed the same on all devices and browsers.

4. Additional Business API Integrations

API integrations can instantaneously improve the overall quality and inner robustness of a website. Small businesses usually require some custom integrations to be added. Although there are many different integrations, the top category grouped API integrations that small businesses use are Google APIs, social media APIs, payment portal API integrations. These are the most useful integrations that will make a website even more powerful, especially for small businesses with e-commerce online stores.

Quick API Tip: Only use necessary API integrations on page that are needed for the profession and website. Testing out applications after integrated is always best practice to ensure that everything is executed perfectly.


5. Social Media Promotion

Social media is one of the best ways to promote a small business online. Social media websites have allowed companies around the world to build their own relatable fan base online. With daily social media promotion, followers can multiply and a small business will increase online popularity.

Social Media Tip: When adding social media buttons on a business website, ensure that the buttons are increased in size to ensure visibility on small devices.

6. Web Menu Design Effects

A website’s menu is the only source of navigation that web visitors have on a website. All menu design effects must be complementary to the layout, but they must not be overloaded to confuse a websites navigation zone. The best menu design effects would include the hamburger pop-up menu design and the easy CSS on hover letter menu effect.

Menu Design Tip: A web menu text should be readable and visible. Always increase menu size by 3x to ensure visibility on smaller devices.

7. Motion Cinemagraph Use

Cinemagraph motion images on a web design layout are known to make a website seem much more live and further promote activity on page. Web visitors will be influenced for interact with the page even more. Cinemagraphs are known to be lightweight and promote a much better website design.

Cinemagraph Tip: Compression methods must be used to further lower the overall size of the source. Compression methods promote a much faster web performance and Cinemagraphs remain the same in visual view after compression.

Every small business has the ability to market their company efficiently online and having an impressive web design that will bring great feedback from users is very beneficial for the business owner. Web design should satisfy the business owner, web visitor, and search engine standards. Use the web design trends provided above to instantly create a much better design for your small business.

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